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Helping you not only master the art of permanent brows but the business behind it too

Eliminate the guesswork about what to do and how to do it!

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At The Eyebrow Institute we focus on not just the skill but the business behind brows too. Our signature programs include a self paced online program as well as mentorship with Amina. Brow Babes is an exclusive program designed for women who have a passion for beauty.

If you're looking to start, grow or elevate your brow business...you're in the right place

Whether you're wanting to get started or looking to scale your brow business,  our programs are tailored to where you are on your journey.

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I was a cocktail waitress for 11 years prior to starting my business 8 years ago. During that time I was also raising my child by myself and missing out on so much of his life because of the grueling work fours. I felt trapped in a job I hated and money was very unpredictable as I relied solely on tips…sometimes not making any money at all if work was slow.

To say I was stressed out was an understatement. I’ll never forget the feeling of putting just enough gas in my car to get to work and praying that I’d make enough money that night to cover what I just spent on gas plus a little more because that was all the money I had to my name. 

Hey Brow Babes,
I'm Amina

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- bobbie

"I was able to quit my 6 figure-paying job in Feb! My pmu journey all started with your class in August"

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