The Brow Blueprint

The Brow Blueprint

This year is the year that you become the sought-after brow artist in your city, making up to $100,000+ while only seeing 3-5 clients per week! How are you going to do that? I'm going to show you everything you need in this 3 day class. Turn your passion into a paycheck with a profitable brow business. Join the elite group of over 1,000 artists that have been certified by me and now have profitable brow businesses.

3 Day Blade & Shade And Ombre Brows Class

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With my personalized coaching and an emphasis on building a standout brand, you can attract high-paying clients and build a loyal customer base.

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.




 What You'll Learn:

What You'll Learn:

my tried and true techniques to scaling a business

ready to build a business that you love?

My predraw process for all techniques, 3 different ombré powder styles, microblading, blade & shade, color theory & color correction, station setup, how to use the PMU machine, how to create the most natural looking pair of brows, and more. So that you can master your new skills without any of the guesswork.

How to avoid common costly mistakes, how to build your clientele, how to increase your prices, business fundamentals, marketing & advertising secrets, supply list & where to purchase. So that you can confidentialy navigate through any obstacles that come your way.

Proper angles & lighting for capturing content, the best editing apps, how to gain followers on Instagram, how to create eye-catching reels and so much more. So that clients will only want to come to you and will drive hours or hop on a flight to do so. 

Learn how to harmonize shape, color & style with my unique training strategies that work for both beginners & pros. In these 3 days you will uncover the secrets to creating brows people rave about!

Make as much as $10,000-$20,000 per month with as little as 3-5 clients per week

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Day One

  • Ombre theory including correction
  • Setting up machine, using the machine, practice on practice skins and more
  • Q & A


teach me plz

Day Two

  • Ombre demo on live model
  • Microblading, Blade & Shade theory
  • Proper use of microblading tool, machine usage, practice on practice skins and more
  • Q & A
teach me plz

Day Three

  • Blade & Shade demo on live model
  • Marketing, building clientele, advertising, social media, editing apps, supply list and much more
  • Q & A
  • Certification Ceremony, group & individual pictures

1 wireless machine (the same one I use)
2 boxes of razors
8 practice skins
1 practice face
1 eyebrow caliper
1 pack of 50 rulers
2 pre-draw pencils
1 box mapping string
1 box of needle cartridges
1 box of microblading tools 
Pigment trays & rings

Kit Contents:


30 days free access to the Brow Babes Community where you'll continue to get coaching & support from me & a community of like-minded brow artists 



I was a cocktail waitress for 11 years prior to starting my business 8 years ago. During that time I was also raising my child by myself and missing out on so much of his life because of the grueling work fours. I felt trapped in a job I hated and money was very unpredictable as I relied solely on tips…sometimes not making any money at all if work was slow.

To say I was stressed out was an understatement. I’ll never forget the feeling of putting just enough gas in my car to get to work and praying that I’d make enough money that night to cover what I just spent on gas plus a little more because that was all the money I had to my name. 

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"I was able to quit my 6 figure-paying job in Feb! My pmu journey all started with your class in August"

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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"She made sure that she gives you the best advice, life advice, business advice."

The class was amazing & I loved every second of it. I learned so much, Amina literally lays it out for you. She gives you step one step two step three and four….so if you can’t listen , then I don’t know what to tell you, because she literally like I said, lays it out for you to be successful. She doesn’t gate-keep anything. She make sure that she answers every single one of your questions. She’s amazing, go see her, get certified, it’s gonna be great. Do it right now!

be bold!


"Every dollar that I spent on the training I feel like was worth it and I would take it again with her"

I loved how personable the class was. I love how you made me feel welcome as a new artist in permanent make up. I had no knowledge of anything and I was so nervous but you made me feel so comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. You reassured and you encouraged me. What I loved the most was that even after the training you’re still supportive. I saw you at a conference and it was like seeing a friend and that’s what I love the most about you. You were so inspiring and to anybody that’s thinking about taking this training just do it! You won’t have any doubt. 


" I would take her class again and again and again. I’m very grateful. Thank you so much Amina"

I went to Vegas & I loved the training because it was everything that she said it would be. She is a pro at what she does, you wouldn’t have a lot of questions for her because a lot of the questions she already answered before you have to ask. When I left, the only thing that I had to do was just practice. I know exactly how to do both techniques now so it’s just up to me to keep practicing. I highly recommend her class, you’re learning from somebody who has been doing it for a long time which means they have already experienced a lot of things and they are preparing you for those things.


"she said I had to raise my prices and I did... doubled them and here we are thank God with a 6 figure Brow Business and working to scale to 7."

 live in Puerto Rico and took a flight to Chicago because I was obsessed with Amina's work, they looks so perfect. I had previous trainings on Microblading, different techniques but not Ombre Brows the way she does it.
One thing that impacted my Life was that I didn't feel I could raise my prices and when she saw my work she gave me so much compliments, advices, she said I had to raise my prices and I did... doubled them and here we are thank God with a 6 figure Brow Business and working to scale to 7.
Thank you Amina for believing in me, inspiring me and plant that seed that today has given results. It was such an amazing experience



I disliked my life and was frustrated that I just didn’t know what to do about it. But continuing what I was doing was just NOT it!  Then I came across brows on Instagram. I wanted a solution for myself so I went and got my brows done and fell in love with the results. I knew then and there that I wanted to learn this technique no matter what the price was. 

I didn’t know that that decision was going to forever change my life. All I knew was it was a way to possibly get out of my current job. 

My sister let me do her brows for free, bless her! I got my first paying clients charging $250…today I charge $2200 per client and work in my salon 2 days a week. Now people fly from all over the U.S and internationally to get their brows done by me and to also learn from me. I have a thriving business and I get to spend time with family, traveling whenever I want to.

I want to help you do the exact same thing. Teaching has always been my passion and I want to teach you how you can have success as permanent brow artist as well. You’re going to hit your goals much faster than I did because I did all the trial & errors for you. I made the mistakes that cost not only time but lots of money….so now you don’t have to. 

"Don't Fear Failure, Fear Being In The Exact Same Place Next Year As You Are Today". 

- Amina Sadiq

I figured it out so you don’t have to do it alone…I’m giving you the blueprint!

over 7 years experience as a Master Brow Trainer & Artist

Won “Best of Las Vegas” 2 years in a row in Entrepreneur Magazine

Certified over 1,000 artists from the US and abroad

multiple Certifications in Permanent Makeup

"I'm so glad I took your class, the honesty and how passionate you want all your students to win goes a long way. From the training to mentorship is everything"

- Mina

Let's do this thing.


Do I Need A Cosmetology License?

No, you do not need a cosmetology or esthetician license to do brows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Certified Once Done?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate Of Completion for each technique. 

How Long Is The Training?

Day 1 is 10am-4pm
Day 2 is 10am-6pm
Day 3 is 10am-4pm
Lunch will be provided 

if you're still on the fence, let me just say this,
one brow class changed my life and it can change yours too.

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